1. Childrey, Berks. [Fragment - 1926]

S.Piggott (1929) p.262

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Location: Childrey, Berkshire, England (SU3687)
Year: Col. 1926
Time of Occurrence: [Not given]
Collective Name: [Not given]


Stuart Piggott
Collectanea. Mummers' Plays from Berkshire, Derbyshire, Cumberland, and Isle of Man.
Folk-Lore, 1929, Vol.40, No.3, p.262

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"With a hey down, down,
With a hey down, down,
With a hey down down down derry :
For we be come this Christmas time
A-purpose to be merry.
We'll be merry here, my boys,
And we'll be merry there :
Who can tell if we shall live
To be merry another year?"


Piggott’s note:

"Fragment of opening chorus dictated to me by my grandfather, 1926 :-"

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