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Guisers' and Mummers' Plays are short traditional verse sketches performed around Christmas and other calendar festivals, and taken round pubs and private homes in return for money and ale.

What's New - October 2013
Performances around All Souls.
Traditional Drama Forum, No.15.
Roomer online.
Two Ron Shuttleworth and five Guizer Press folk play booklets online.
Colin Dick and Coventry Mummers - online exhibition of a volume in the Ron Shuttleworth Collection.

A brief introduction to British & Irish folk plays, with links to further information.
Traditional Drama Research Group
A summary of the aims and work of the TDRG.
Traditional Drama Forum
The TDRG's online newsletter, 2000-. There is a list of contents.
The TDRG's newsletter, 1980-1991. There is a list of contents and there are indexes to authors - including those of every reference, places by county, subjects and classes.
playing Lag

An annotated list of over 30 old artefacts, indexed by county.
An annotated list of over 60 books, compiled by Ron Shuttleworth, on British & Irish folk plays.
A database of about 3,000 links to other web pages and websites, such as Groups and Publications, indexed by subject or county.
Performances & Photographs
A database of those forthcoming, and those past, indexed by county.
And photographs of them; there are indexes to counties and photographers.
A partial list of them and their folk play interests. Not all are members of the TDRG.
A database of about 230 folk play texts, concentrating on the oldest available, and their literary and ballad relatives. There are indexes to counties, proposed new classes and characters.
Traditional Drama Conferences
A list of papers - including abstracts and where published, presented at the TDRG's conferences, and one other, 1978-2002. There is an index to authors.
Traditional Drama Studies
The TDRG's journal (soon to be online), 1985-1996. There is a list of contents. Where many papers presented at the TDRG's conferences were published.
British & Irish Folk Plays & Related Customs Bibliography
A database (soon to be online) of about ? records. There are indexes to authors, journals and places by county.
Ron Shuttleworth Collection
The Morris Ring Folk Play Archive. The inventory is a database of about 7,000 records of British & Irish folk plays. There are indexes to authors, journals, dates, places, counties, subjects and classes.
Alex Helm Collection Inventory
A database of about 3,700 records of British & Irish folk plays, Morris dancing, etc., deposited in University College London Library. There are indexes to authors, journals and dates.
James Madison Carpenter Collection Catalogue
A database with about 500 records of British folk plays, as well as records of ballads, songs, customs, etc., deposited in the Library of Congress. There are indexes to names and places. First lines are quoted.
Thomas Fairman Ordish Collection Checklist
A list of about 670 records of British & Irish folk plays, deposited, with the Archives of the Folklore Society, in University College London Library. They are filed by county.
Nottinghamshire Folk Plays & Related Customs Bibliography
A database of about 800 records, 500 in the Peter Millington Collection and 300 in the Idwal Jones Collection, of folk plays and Plough Monday customs from Notts. and adjacent counties. There are indexes to places by county and authors. Some sources are quoted in full.
North American Academic Theses Bibliography
A list of over 162 theses, from North American colleges and universities, on traditional drama and related topics.


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