A Bibliography of North American Theses on Traditional Drama and Related Topics
List 9 - Literary Themes/Genres - Miscellaneous
Compiled by Paul Smith

Cheville, Lila Ruth. "The Folk Dances of Panama."
(Ph.D. Education, University of Iowa, 1964) (*)

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(M.A. Physical Education, State University of Iowa, 1928) (*)

Stewart, David C. "Aspects of Primitive Drama."
(M.A. English, Columbia University, 1950) (*)

Wiesner, Theodora. "The Preparation of a Manual for Teaching of Dance Composition Through the Use of Folk Dance Materials."
(Ed.D. Education, University of New York, 1958) (*)

Young, Florence M. "A History of Pageantry."
(M.A. Speech, University of Southern California, 1928) (*)

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