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Vol.1, No.1 (1980)
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p.1[Editorial, by Steve Roud & Paul Smith]
pp.1-2A Battle Amongst the Christmas Mummers
p.3Periodical and Newspaper Search
p.3Traditional Drama 1981 [call for papers], Paul Smith (contact)
p.3Co-operative Indexing Scheme for Traditional Plays and Related Customs, Peter Millington (contact)
p.4The Pace Egg Play - Houldsworth Schools, 1885
p.6Morris Ring - Instructional Week-End on Mumming, Ivor Allsop (details from)
p.6Publications News

Vol.1, No.2 (1980)
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p.7[Editorial, by Steve Roud & Paul Smith]
pp.7-8Plough Monday and the Primitive Methodists in Leicestershire, by Idwal Jones
pp.8-10Graphs for Visualising the Structures of Folk Plays, by Peter Millington
[& see his follow-up article in Roomer, Vol.2, No.4 (1982) pp.25-26]
pp.10-11Papers on Traditional Drama Presented at the American Folklore Society Annual Meeting - Pittsburgh, 16-19 October 1980
pp.11-12Folk Play Indexing Workshop
p.12Traditional Drama 1980: An Informal Seminar on Aspects of Current Research on Traditional Plays of the British Isles
p.12aAdvert: An Interim List of Nottinghamshire Folk Plays and Related Customs, by P.T.Millington

Vol.1, No.3/4 (1981)
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pp.13-19Mumming Play from Preston Candover, Hants., by Steve Roud
p.20Report on the Folk Play Indexing Workshop, 24 Jan. 1981, by Peter Millington
p.20Notes and Queries
p.21Publications News
p.21Facsimile illustration: 'Plough Monday: Dance of Bessy and the Clown', from John Brand, Observations on Popular Antiquities, 1888
pp.21-22Periodical and Newspaper Search

Vol.1, No.5 (1981)
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pp.23-26Amendments to 'English Ritual Drama' [Part 1], by E.C.Cawte
p.27Mummers in Leeds, 1713, by Thomas Pettitt
p.27Spot the Mistakes [in article: 'Soul Caking Play, Cheshire', Family Circle, 1980]
p.28An Interim Directory of Researchers' Specialist Interests (Part I), by Paul Smith
p.29Traditional Drama 1981: The Fourth Annual Conference of Current Research on Traditional Drama [Announcement]
p.29Traditional Drama Research Group [Report of inaugural meeting]
p.29Andover Mummers, by Steve Roud
p.30Facsimile: Illustration of mummers from Lady's Pictorial, 27 Dec. 1895
p.30Publications News
p.30aAdvert: Garland Films: Derby Tup

Vol.1, No.6 (1981)
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pp.31-32The North Waltham Mummers, by Steve Roud
pp.32-36The Old Tup and the Old Horse, by Paul Smith
p.36Copy: Down by the Greenwood Side, by Harrions Birtwistle1970
p.37The Morris Ring Archives [list of play-related photographs], by Paul Smith
p.37Advert: The Revesby Sword Play: An Eighteenth-Century Folk Play Adaptation, by Michael J.Preston
p.38Publication News
pp.39-40Traditional Drama 1981: The Fourth Annual Conference on Aspects of Current Scholarship in Traditional Drama Studies [Abstracts of papers]

Roomer Volumes: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

Vol.2, No.1 (1982)
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p.1Traditional Drama Research Group
pp.1-4Documenting Traditional Drama - Part I, by Paul Smith
p.4Mummers in Bedfordshire, by Steve Roud
pp.4-5Animal Disguise in Monmouthshire, by Tom Pettitt
pp.5-7M.W.Barley's Classification of Plough Plays, by P.T.Millington
pp.7-8Publications News
p.8Traditional Drama 1982 - Call for Papers
pp.8a-bAdvert: Theatre in Focus: Original Monographs... [Series];

Vol.2, No.2 (1982)
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pp.9-16Amendments to English Ritual Drama - Part 2, by E.C.Cawte
p.16Advert: Traditional Drama 1982 [Conference]

Vol.2, No.3 (1982)
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pp.17-18People Vs Places, by Steve Roud
pp.19-20A Note on the Weston (Berks.) Play, by Roly Brown
p.20Forthcoming Events
pp.20-21Applied Mumming, by Paul Smith [Facsimile extract & illustration from The Graphic, 1871
p.22Publications News
p.22Notes [Pinner, Middlesex (TQ 1289)]
p.20Traditional Drama Research Guide

Vol.2, No.4 (1982)
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pp.23-25John Fletcher and The Observer, by Derek Schofield
pp.25-26"Playgraphs" A Computer Program to Aid the Plotting of Play Structures', by P.T.Millington
[& see his earlier article in Roomer, Vol.1, No.2 (1980) pp.8-10]
pp.27-28Christmas Customs in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, by Dave Bathe
pp.28Publication News

Vol.2, No.4/5 (1982)
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An Eighteenth Century Play from Cheshire, by Duncan Broomhead
Guisers in Tutbury, Staffordshire, by Derek Schofield
p.34 [40]Publication News

Vol.2, No.6 (1982)
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pp.41-44The Institutional Basis of Performance: A Socio-Economic Analysis of Contemporary Folk Plays, by Georgina Boyes
p.44Fieldwork in Folklore [Conference announcement]
pp.45-46Traditional Drama 1982: The Fifth Annual Conference on Aspects of Current Scholarship in Traditional Drama Studies [Abstracts of papers]
p.47Review: The Ordnance Survey Atlas of Great Britain [Reviewer: Peter Millington]
p.47Advert: Traditional Drama 1983 [Conference]
p.48Traditional Drama 1983 - Call for Papers
p.48Calendar Customs [Conference - Call for papers]
pp.49-50Traditional Drama Research Register [Registration form]
p.51The Folklore Society - Annual Award of Research Grants

Roomer Volumes: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

Vol.3, No.1 (1983)
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pp.1-4Further Notes on Mummers in West Berkshire 1897-1927, by Roly Brown
p.4Advert: The Peace Egg, or, St George: An Easter Play', An Original Chapbook from Edwards and Bryning with a Brief History, by Peter Stevenson
p.5Correspondence, from Sam Richards [Arguing for a wider definition of 'Traditional Drama']
p.6Advert: Folklore Society Publications

Vol.3, No.2 (1983)
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pp.7-9Mummers at Hamstall Ridware, Staffs., by Derek Schofield
p.9The Folklore Society - Annual Award of Research Grants
p.10The James Madison Carpenter Collection
p.10Facsimile cartoon: Field Trip - XXVIII, by John Crane, from Folk Review, 1977
p.11Announcing the First Minnesota Sword Dance & Mumming Ale [1984]
p.12Traditional Drama Research Group - Research Guides
p.12Publication News
pp.12a-bTraditional Drama Research Group: Research Guide No.1: Basic Questions to Ask, compiled by P.T.Millington

Vol.3, No.3 (1983)
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pp.13-16The Danish Folk Play of the Three Kings and the Star, by Tom Pettitt
p.16British Institute of Recorded Sound Joins the British Library as the National Sound Archive [Extract from British Library News, 1983]
p.16Advert: Morris and Matachin: A Study in Comparative Choreography, by John Forrest, 1983
pp.17-18Traditional Drama 1983 [Conference programme & Abstracts]
p.19Advert: An Interim Checklist of Chapbooks Containing Traditional Play Texts by M.J.Preston, M.G.Smith & P.S.Smith
p.20Facsimile illustration: 'The Hobby-Horse', from John Brand, Observations on Popular Antiquities, 1877
p.20Publication News

Vol.3, No.4 (1983)
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pp.20-24The New Burlesque - An Undress Rehearsal, by Sandra Billington
p.24Fair Comment (Reprinted from Nelson's Column, Folk London Dec/Jan 1983/4)
pp.25-26Traditional Drama Research Group [Summary of Minutes, 20 Nov 1983]
pp.27-28A.L.Lloyd Memorial Conference [1984. Programme & Abstracts
p.29Mummers Seminar: w/e 13-15 April 1984, Stafford House, Keymer, Sussex [Programme]
p.30The Folklore Society - Annual Essay Prize
p.30Publication News

Vol.3, No.5 (1983)
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pp.31-40A Key to the KWIC Concordance of British Folk Play Texts, by Michael J.Preston

Vol.3, No.6 (1983)
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pp.41-43Plough Monday and the Law, by Idwal Jones
pp.43-46Documenting Traditional Drama - II, by Paul Smith
p.47Traditional Drama 1984 - Call for Papers
p.47Traditional Drama Research in North America [Bibliography]
p.48Facsimile: Title page from Walker's New Mummer or the Wassail Cup

Roomer Volumes: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

Vol.4, No.1 (1984)
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pp.1-2An Early Tup, by Tom Pettitt
pp.3-4Traditional Drama 1984: The 7th Annual Conference on Aspects of Current Scholarship in Traditional Drama Studies [Programme & abstracts of papers]
pp.5-6August Hartmann's 'Folk Plays Collected in Bavaria and Austro-Hungary': A Summary, by Peter Millington
pp.7-8Biographies: Traditional Drama Research Group - Research Guide 2, compiled by Paul Smith
p.9Traditional Drama Research Group - Research Guides
p.9Correspondence: John Fletcher and The Observer (See Roomer 2:4 pp.23-25), by E.C.Cawte
p.10Key to the KWIC Concordance [see Roomer 3:5], by Derek Schofield
p.10Katherine Briggs Folklore Award

Vol.4, No.2 (1984)
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pp.11-23Camp Skits: The Child's Folk Drama, by Paul Brunk Kuhns
p.23Record Notes: Caribbean Island Music: Songs and Dances of Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica, recorded John Roberts Storms [Side 2 - Track 9, 'Mummies']
p.24.Advert: A Social History of the Fool, by Sandra Billington

Vol.4, No.3 (1984)
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pp.25-29Victorian View of the Mummers [Clippings from Illustrated London News, 1861 & 1866, and The Graphic, 1889, incl. 2 illustrations]
pp.30Vopy: 'Effects of Masking - Two Children Terrified to Death', from Illustrated London News, 1850

Vol.4, No.4 (1984)
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p.31Publications News
pp.32-33Traditional Drama Research Group [Minutes of meeting held 31 March 1984]
p.34Traditional Drama Research Group - Guides
p.34Advert: Traditional Drama 1985 [Conference]
pp.35-38Tracing Photographs: Traditional Drama Research Group - Research Guide 3, compiled by Paul Smith
p.39Advert: Traditional Drama Research Group Publications
p.40Notes [Seeking information on plays in Lancashire, Devon & Cornwall]
p.40Deja Vu Department, from Craig Fees [quote from The Whole Art of Stage, 1684

Vol.4, No.5 (1984)
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pp.41-51Toward Establishing the Study of Folk Drama as a Science, by Craig Fees
p.52Facsimile chapbook title page: New Mumming Book. The Four Champions of Great Britain

Vol.4, No.6 (1984)
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pp.53-54Obituary, George Richard Greenall (19th October 1909 - 18th October 1984), by Craig Fees
pp.55-56Traditional Drama Research Group [Minutes of meeting held 21 July 1984]
pp.56-60Documenting Traditional Drama III, by Paul Smith [incl. Survey of English Folklore questionnaire]
pp.61-64Notes on a Quest for Dragons, by Steve Roud and Craig Fees

Roomer Volumes: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

Vol.5, No.1 (1985)
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pp.1-2The Quack Doctor and the Cheap Jack, by Steve Roud
pp.3-6Surveys through Newspapers: Traditional Drama Research Group - Research Guide 4, compiled by D.Schofield, P.Millington & D.Bathe
p.7Facsimile broadside ballad: St.George & the Dragon
p.8Traditional Drama Research Group - Guides

Vol.5, No.2 (1985)
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pp.9-22Amendments to 'English Ritual Drama': Part 3, by E.C.Cawte

Vol.5, No.3 (1985)
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pp.23-24West Malling, Kent (TQ 6857), by Carl Willetts
p.24Directory of Recorded Sound Resources in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland
pp.25-26The Burringham Plough Team 1934 [Fasimile of photo & article from the Hull & Lincolnshire Times, 1934, plus cast list from A.Lingo]
p.27Correspondence: Folk Drama As a Science, by E.C.Cawte [re Roomer Vol.4, No.5, 1984]
pp.28-29Craig Fees Replies
p.29correspondence, from Ron Shuttleworth
p.30Notes and Queries; [historical characters in traditional plays], by Craig Fees

Vol.5, No.4 (1985)
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p.31Soviet Folk: A Selection of Films
p.31British Theatre Institute Publications
pp.32-36The Earliest Text of a Mumming Play (1832) from the Isle of Man, by Stephen Miller
pp.37-38Traditional Drama 1985 [Conference programme & Abstracts]
p.39Advert: Mumming Seminar: 18-20 October 1985, Mansion House, Corsham, Wiltshire
p.40Correspondence [any text should be looked at critically], by Craig Fees

Vol.5, No.5 (1985)
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p.41Publications News
p.41Second Minnesota Sword Dance & Mumming Ale [Contact details]
p.42-50Kent 'Seven Champions' and a Play from Milton Regis, by Carl Willetts
p.51Bembridge, Isle of Wight (SZ 6488) [Letter from the Stephen Roud Collection]
p.52Notes [Stuart Piggott Collection; Soviet Films; Masks and Mummers of Scandinavia]

Vol.5, No.6 (1985)
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pp.53-61A Handlist to the C.E.C.T.A.L. Microfilm of the Alex Helm Collection, by Ervin Beck and Paul Smith
p.61Publications News
p.62Drama in Hull and District (TA 0928) [Extracts from T.Sheppard, 1927]

Roomer Volumes: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

Vol.6, No.1 (1986)
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pp.1-3'Traditional Drama Studies': A New Journal, by Paul Smith and J.D.A.Widdowson
pp.3-4Fragments from Hastings, Sussex (TQ 8109)
pp.4-5copy: Mechanical Drama [from Charles Manby Smith's Curiosities of London Life, 1853]
p.5Publications News
p.6Traditional Drama 1986: A One Day Informal Seminar on Aspects of Current Traditional Drama Research [Call for papers]

Vol.6, No.2 (1986)
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pp.7-8For O! For O! The Hobby Horse is (Not) Forgot, by Paul Smith
p.9-11Facsimile: "Mumming." A Quaint Olf Custom, from The New Penny Magazine, 1900
p.1218th Century Mummers at Sherborne, Glos. (SP 1714), by Keith Chandler

Vol.6, No.3 (1986)
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p.13[Various medical adverts from the Norfolk Chronicle, 1894]
pp.14-15Facsimile: Christmas Eve in Devonshire, with an Illustration by Stockdale, from the Illustrated London News, 1850
p.16Correspondence [on Kent & Isle of Wight plays, and Stuart Piggott MSS], by E.C.Cawte
pp.16-17Correspondence [on C.Willetts, Roomer Vol.5, No.5 (1985)], by Craig Fees
p.17Publications News
pp.18-22Review by Craig Fees of Ancient and Mediaeval Theatre: A Historiographical Handbook by Ronald W.Vince
p.22Berkshire Plays [Call for information]

Vol.6, No.4 (1986)
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pp.23-32Out of Darkness, by Paul Smith [Shadow plays & games]
p.33Traditional Drama and Theatre History: Some Recent and Forthcoming Events, by Tom Pettitt
p.34Publications News

Vol.6, No.5 (1986)
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pp.35-39A Structural Analysis of an Irish Mumming Play, by Maureen F.Voigt
p.39B.B.C. Mummers - Part 1
pp.40-41Mumming at Chadlington (Oxfordshire): A Note on Some Recently-collected Material, by Keith Chandler
pp.41-42'Mummering: The Second Reason for Christmas' [Article from the Evening Telegraph, St.John's, Newfoundland, 1987
pp.43Mummers are making a Comeback [Article from the Evening Telegraph, St.John's, Newfoundland, 1987
p.44Publications News

Vol.6, No.6 (1986)
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p.45The Future of Roomer, by Steve Roud
pp.46-55Bibliographic Essay on Afro-American Folk Drama, by Deborah Bowman Richards
pp.55-56Correspondence, from Craig Fees [on M.Voigt's article in Roomer, Vol.6, No.5 (1986) pp.35-39]
pp.56-57Theatre Museum [Reprinted from the Times Educational Supplement, 1987]
pp.57-58Possible Origin for the Name 'Tipteers' or Tipteerers', by Peter Millington
p.59Advert: Traditional Drama Research Group Publications
p.60Publications News

Roomer Volumes: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

Vol.7, No.1 (1988)
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p.1The Future of Roomer
p.1Traditional Drama Conference
p.1Note to Future Cataloguers
pp.2-9The B.B.C. and Mumming No.1, by Craig Fees
pp.9-13The West Marden Tip-Teering [Collected by Mervyn Plunkett]
p.13International Society for the Study of Medieval Drama (SITM) [Conference]
p.14Publications News
p.15-16Roomer Reviewed, by Peter Robson [Reprinted from Folk Music Journal, 1988

Vol.7, No.2 (1989)
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pp.17-20'Janneying in Tilting, Fogo (Newfoundland)', Part 1, by Marion Bowman
pp.21-22Student Theses, Dissertations & Papers Held in the Institute of Dialect & Folklife Studies Archive, University of Leeds, compiled by Craig Fees]
p.22Traditional Drama Conference [Plea for papers]
p.22[Publication & Exhibition News]
pp.23-26The BBC and Mumming No.2: The BBC's Influence on Folk Customs: A Case (1), by Craig Fees
pp.27-28A London Quack Doctor [Reprinted from the Croydon Chronicle, 1879]

Vol.7, No.3 (1989)
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pp.29-33Où se trouve ce jeu de Mummers, by Peter Millington [Lincolnshire Recruiting Sergeant play, translated into French by H.G.M.Murray-Aynsley, 1889]
pp.34-38Janneying in Tilting, Fogo (Newfoundland), Part 2, by Marion Bowman
pp.39-40Publications News
p.40Addition to List of Student Theses, Dissertations & Papers Held in the Institute of Dialect & Folklife Studies Archive, University of Leeds
pp.40-43Tiddy to Ordish, by Steve Roud [letters from R.J.E.Tiddy to T.F.Ordish from the Ordish Papers]
p.44More Publications News
p.45Facsimile: 'Our Special Cartoonist Visits Cropwell Bishop' [The Plough Boys. Reprinted from Nottinghamshire Countryside, 1939]
pp.46-48Review by Tom Pettitt: Christmas Mumming in a North Cotswold Town with Special Reference to Tourism, Urbanisation and Immigration-related Social Change, by Craig Fees [PhD Dissertation]

Vol.7, No.4 (1990)
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pp.49-56Customary Drama: Towards a Contextual Typology, by Tom Pettitt
p.57Publications News
pp.58-66BBC and Mumming No.3: An Initial List, by Craig Fees
pp.67-68Bits and Pieces [from Kent and Wiltshire]

Roomer Volumes: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8

Vol.8, No.1 (1991)
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pp.1-3Mumming in the Courts: 1. Newfoundland, from Julia Bishop
p.4Mumming in the Courts: 2. Guildford, from Steve Roud
pp.4-9Mumming and the BBC: Thoughts and Clippings, by Duncan Broomhead
pp.10-12Sources for the Mumming in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire 1860-1900, by Craig Fees

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