Colin Dick and Coventry Mummers

Online exhibition of a volume in the Ron Shuttleworth Collection


Coventry Mummers started in 1966 and effectively have two distinct repetoires. For most of the year we do collated examples of each of the four types of Mummersí Play which we have adapted a bit for public entertainment. At Christmas we get serious and perform traditional plays from nearby Warwickshire villages. We try to stick to the texts as collected and to the costumes where known and to only perform in or near the relevant locations. We see ourselves as guardians of the tradition.
For many years, Colin has been a frequent and welcomed member of our audiences, and his paintings have been much admired. Perhaps it is only since this project has revealed the full extent of his interest in us that we have properly appreciated what a loyal and talented follower we have in him. Long may he thrive.

Ron Shuttleworth

Room 1

The charade outside the 'Godiva's City' exhibition in the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum.
[Performing their Lady Godiva play at Coventry]
Hacks and Mummers.
[Performing their Derby Ram play at Long Itchington]
The Black Prince of Paradise fells Prince George.
[Performing their St George play at Long Itchington]

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