Past Folk Play Performances - Suffolk

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Suffolk, England

Date Group Time Venue Contact
22 Dec 02
Stour Valley Mummers 20:00 Clare, The Globe
[This year we are presenting the first performance of our own play, "The Martyrdom of St Edmund", with its strong links to our home county and brewer. It contains most of the expected features of a traditional play, with death and resurrection at its heart. Like most, it is historically inaccurate, but it should be fun.]
Steve Clarke
- - 21:00 Glemsford, The Angel -
22 Dec 02 Thameside Mummers 12:30 Tattingstone, The White Horse
[We have been performing a Christmas Play on Billet Wharf in the harbour of Old Leigh, Essex, every Boxing Day for over 30 years. It is followed by several hours singing in The Crooked Billet pub.]
Derek Oliver
01268 794556
26 Dec 02
Stour Valley Mummers 13:30 Glemsford, The Black Lion Steve Clarke
24 May 03
Thameside Mummers 20:00 Tattingstone, Annual Ceilidh Derek Oliver
25 May 03
Thameside Mummers 12:30 Tattingstone, The White Horse Derek Oliver
18 Dec 03
Sproughton village 20:00 Sproughton, Tithe Barn
[A group of villagers perform a Suffolk Mummers Play written by Simon Lavington as part of the village's Carols in the Barn. Black Boy Rapper will also be dancing short sword rapper dances.]
Mike Everett
01473 742334
26 Dec 03
Hoxon Hundred 13:00 Wortham, Diss, The Dolphin
[Hoxon Hundred dance group perform their annual Boxing Day Mummers Play along with dancing Border Morris and Rapper Sword dance. Accompanied by Westrefelda Morris performing Molly dances. Hoxon have performed a mummers play on Boxing day for 20 years using a variety of adaptations from other traditions.]
Mike Everett
23 May 04
Thameside Mummers 20:30 Tattingstone, Village Hall
[Annual Ceilidh]
Derek Oliver
01268 794556
24 May 04
Thameside Mummers 12:30 Tattingstone, White Horse Derek Oliver
01268 794556
26 Dec 04
Stour Valley Mummers - Glemsford, Black Lion Brian Stephens
01787 280721
26 Dec 05
Hoxon Hundred 12:00 Wortham, The Dolphin
[The Mumming will follow a spot of dancing and precede some four part carols.]
John Grayling
26 Dec 05 Stour Valley Mummers 13:00 Glemsford, Black Lion Brian Stephens

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