Ordish Papers : Notes & Section C


The material is already split into envelopes or folders within the box, and these divisions I have retained, giving each a code letter from A-H. (H is a separate sheet, see below).

The numbers given to each item in this list have not been marked on the material itself and are only for identification on this list.



"Twelve Play Texts added to Ordish Collection 1955 by Alex Helm. Copies of texts in the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library".



Letter from Helm to Mrs. Lake-Barnett, 25th Sept. 1955.


Letter from Sarah Jackson to Mrs. Lake-Bennett, 23rd Sept. 1955.


Carbon copy of letter from Mrs. Lake-Barnett to Sarah Jackson.

All regarding handover of duplicate texts from VWL to FLS.

The Helm letter lists the texts as follows:

- Arkengarthdale(Yorks.)
- Padstow(Cornwall)
- Chesterfield(Derbyshire)
- Brimington(Derbyshire)
- Unlocated Derbyshire play
- Greatham(Durham)
- Snowshill(Glos.)
- Marshfield(Glos.)
- N. Kilworth (frag.)(Leics.)
- St. Helens(Lancs.)
- Mansfield(Notts.)
- Unlocated

All these texts are in the envelope - all typed copies except Marshfield which is part of a printed performance programme (presumably EFDSS).

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