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Radio Nottingham (1983)

Simon Harris (Presenter); David Markham (Presenter)
Nottingham Connection [Plough Monday at Cropwell Butler, Notts.]
Radio Nottingham, Broadcast 10th Jan.1983

Notes on recollections of Plough Monday at Cropwell Butler, Notts. by someone named Denis. The children had a half day's holiday from school. About 20 to 25 lads went out with old trimmings in their hats saying "Do you remember plough boys". They went to a big house and sang Rule Britannia or other old songs (or requests). Hot buns were brought out, and at one place there were prizes for the best trimmed hat. They carried collecting boxes and finished up at the school where the teacher shared out the money. The custom finished at the end of the war.

Index Terms:
Locations: Cropwell Butler, Notts. (SK6837)
Years: Perf. to 1945; Col. 1983
Subjects: Plough Monday; House Visiting; School Holiday; Songs
People: Anon. (Inf.)
Archives: Ref.: TD00439

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