Folk Play Links - South Yorkshire, England

Compiled by C. Little

Groups listed may be folk club, morris dance or amateur drama groups, as well as traditional performers. Publications listed may be cited, extracted or summarised publications, as well as full text.


001 * Doncaster Mummers / Green Oak Morris Men [perform Hooton Pagnell text; photos; programme; script; cast list]
002 * Handsworth Traditional Sword Dancers [perform Tup text too; programme]
003 * Harthill Morris [perform Tup text - Harthill Carnival Society no longer performing]
004 * Hoyland Springwood Primary School [perform Martha and the Milton Monster script; photos]
005 * Sheffield - Edale Rambler Folk Train [Photos of Handsworth Traditional Sword Dancers]
006 * Sullivan's Sword [Owd ‘Oss Mummers version of script, Apr. 1986 - based on text from Whiston near Rotherham published in Sorrelsykes, by Harold Armitage, 1913, pp.26-34]
007 * The "Wicked Stix" Mummers' Play [Script of Wicked Stix]
008 * Wath upon Dearne Morris Team [photo; programme]
009 * Wentworth Youth Theatre [photos]
010 * Wicked Stix [photos]

Libraries & Archives

011 * Edward Carpenter Collection [citation of Ref. MSS 273 (1-25) - newspaper cuttings, etc]
012 * Seasonal House-Visiting in South Yorkshire [MPhil dissertation by Ruairidh Greig, University of Sheffield]


013 * A Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, [by James Orchard Halliwell, 1846, p.97 Vol.I - entry for 'Assidue' - "… a species of yellow tinsel much used by the mummers at Christmas," - see [The Hallamshire Glossary, by Rev Joseph Hunter, 1829, p.6 - entry for 'Assidue'; British Library Add. Ms. 24542 - Keynsham text]]
014 * A Glossary of Words used in the Neighbourhood of Sheffield [extract from Sidney Oldall Addy, 1888, p.153 - entry for 'Mum' - plus their song 'A mumming we will go', with tune. Also illustration from The Book of Days, ed. by R. Chambers, Vol.II, 1864, pp.739-741]
015 * A Glossary of Words used in the Neighbourhood of Sheffield [by Sidney Oldall Addy, 1888, p.153 - entry for 'Mum' - [possesses Walker Peace Egg chapbook?]]
016 * Adventures in Australia : Fifty Years Ago [by James Demarr [James Mann ?], 1893, pp.10-11, 13 - "mummers"; "morris-dancers"; "old horse"; "old tup" at [Marr], in my early youth [1830s]; 330-332 - 'Appendix : B' - "old horse" particulars]
017 * Children Calling Children [in Mission Together, Iss.12 - about Sacred Heart School performance, with photo.]
018 * Christmas as it used to be [in Old Heeley, No.8, Christmas 1987, p.3 - Fragmentary account of a Derby Tup play - with text.]
019 * Christmas Rimers in Ulster [by Harry Hems, in Notes and Queries, 11th Ser. Vol.VII No.170, 29th Mar. 1913, p.256 - Sheffield fragment]
020 * Costumes and Characteristics, : Christmas Customs [by [Arthur Jewitt ?], in Northern Star, or Yorkshire Magazine, Vol.I No.VI, Dec. 1817, pp.439-440; 402 - plate 2 by [Orlando Jewitt ?][his son] with "Mummers or Guisers" - [at Kimberworth ?][ - see also Thomas Fairman Ordish Collection [Ref. Section E]]]
021 * English Christmas Plays [by Clifton Johnson [Author ], in The Outlook, Vol.54 No.24, 12th Dec. 1896, pp.1092-1093 - ("tipteering" songs, 1895 & niggering, 1894 & play, 1896 at [Selborne][home of Gilbert White]; with two photos;) "Moomers", not for many years & [Grenoside ?] Morris Dancers [seen] & "T' Ould 'orse" & "T' ould toop" & "Plough Bullocks" at [Ecclesfield][home of Juliana Horatia Ewing] - informed by ?]
022 * Epistles from Deep Seas [by J.E. Patterson, 1915, p.121 - How it reminded me of … "The Old Horse" and "The Old Tup!" - at [Barnsley ?]]
023 * Folk-Dances at Harrogate [index to C. Oxenford, in Occult Review, Vol.XXXIII No.1, Jan. 1921, p.50 - [Grenoside] seen]
024 * FTX-212 - Two Jolly Miners : George Hoyland & Louis Wroe [CD for sale: by Peter Kennedy, 1975 - Audio about Ecclesfield Old Tup Play, 1959]
025 * Hallamshire. : The History and Topography of the Parish of Sheffield in the County of York: [by Joseph Hunter, 1819, p.238 - 'Township of Brightside-Byerlow']
026 * Household Tales with Other Traditional Remains [by Sidney Oldall Addy, 1895, pp.xx-xxi - [Norton] Old Tup fragment]
027 * Memoirs of Anna Maria Wilhelmina Pickering [daughter of John Spencer-Stanhope] [ed. by Spencer Pickering [her son], 1903, pp.160-161, 158 - "horse's head" at Cannon Hall, Cawthorne, when older [1830s]]
028 * My Vagabondage [by J.E. Patterson, 1911, pp.42-43 - "The Peace Egg" at Barnsley]
029 * Reminiscences of Rotherham [by George Gummer, 1927, p.36 - 'Waits' - as Rotherham Advertiser - "Old Tup"[ - Preface not scanned]]
030 * The Diary of Ralph Thoresby, [ed. by Rev Joseph Hunter, 1830, Vol.II pp.(198 - '31st Dec. 1713' - mummers (non-play ?) at Leeds;) 198fn - Mummers in [South] Yorkshire]
031 * The Hallamshire Glossary [by Rev Joseph Hunter, 1829, p.67 - entry for 'Mummers']
032 * The Lilac and the Rose [by Susan Tweedsmuir [Susan Buchan][great-granddaughter of 1st Baron Wharncliffe], 1952, pp.67-68 - [Grenoside seen] at Wortley Hall, Wortley - citation of article, by [Editor][Harry Gust], in Pall Mall Gazette]
033 * The Sheffield Christmas of Bygone Days [by [Robert Eadon Leader ?], in Sheffield & Rotherham Independent, Vol.52 No.5180, 21st Dec. 1872, p.7abc - "Mummers" fragment, "Poor Old Horse" and "Derby Tup" plays, as well as sword dance - as "before"]
034 * Twelfth Night on the Moors [citation of Gordon Ridgewell, in The Morris Dancer, Vol.3 No.4, (Feb.) 1997, pp.102-105 - extract from below]
035 * Twelfth Night on the Moors [by [Editor][Henry Cust][wife was great-granddaughter of 1st Baron Wharncliffe], in Pall Mall Gazette, Vol.60 No.9295, 8th Jan. 1895, pp.1a-2ab - Grenoside seen [at Wortley Hall, Wortley] - see above - Subscription required for Gale: 19th Century British Library Newspapers]


036 * Killamarsh Heritage Society [Memory Bank - "Tup" (at [Killamarsh], 50 years ago) / at Kiveton Park, (; at Barlborough, a good few years ago / at Barrow Hill, 1950s / at Killamarsh, 1910s;) about Harthill Carnival Society / about Harthill Morris]
037 * Kiveton Park and Wales History Society [Family Histories - 'Hart, Eddershaw & Fenton Families', by Sandra Hampton [granddaughter of William Henry Hart] - "Poor old Tup" at Kiveton Park, between 1901 and 1960]
038 * NoiseFactory Synthetic Folk Project: Poor Old Horse [Texts of the song/play from North Elmshall and Sheffield]
039 * Sanderson - Bradfield and Beyond [family rhyme]
040 * Sheffield Forum [Sheffield fragment]
041 * Sheffield Youth Theatre [List with 1979 performances]

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