Folk Play Links - North Yorkshire, England

Compiled by C. Little

Groups listed may be folk club, morris dance or amateur drama groups, as well as traditional performers. Publications listed may be cited, extracted or summarised publications, as well as full text.


001 * Around & About Yorkshire at Christmas [DVD for sale: Video of Knaresborough Mummers and (Richmond "T'aud Hoss")]
002 * Chas Marshall [Photos of Knaresborough Mummers]
003 * Chewit Well Mummers [photos; programme]
004 * Cowlingweb [Programme of Middleton Mummers]
005 * Flagcrackers of Craven
006 * Knaresborough Mummers (/Knaresborough Folk Club) [perform Marton-cum-Grafton text; photos; programme; scripts]
007 * Much Ado About Mumming [index to D. McGroarty, in Transactions of the Yorkshire Dialect Society, Vol.15 Pt.85, 1985, pp.9-13 - about Dark Age Mummers, Redcar]
008 * Once a Year [extract from Homer Sykes, 1977, pp.160-162 - Photo of Ripon Sword Dancers]
009 * Redcar Sword Dancers [perform Greatham text; photos; programme]
010 * Ripon Sword Dancers [perform Ripon text; photos; programme. [Despite the name, this is a play, no longer a dance.]]
011 * TSCD-666 - You Lazy Lot of Bone-Shakers [CD for sale: Audio of Ripon Sword Dancers, 1980]
012 * Wakeman Mummers (/Hornblower Morris) [perform Skelton-on-Ure text; photos; programme]

Libraries & Archives

013 * American Folklife Center [holds the Goathland, North Yorkshire, Sword Dance Photograph Collection; in the Library of Congress]
014 * Stillington & District Community Archive [discontinued by 1873 or 1878, from Cecil J. Sharp Collection]
015 * Unnetie [image archive] [Photo of Mummers at Grafton, old n.d.]


016 * A History of Ebberston [1994 - text]
017 * A History of Whitby, and Streoneshalh Abbey; [by Rev George Young [Associate Synod Minister of Whitby], 1817, Vol.II pp.880-881 - ("plough-stots";) sword-dance]
018 * Ancient Poems Ballads and Songs of the Peasantry of England [Revised and enlarged edition] [ed. by Robert Bell, 1857, pp.180-183 - 'The Maskers' Song' - Linton-in-Craven text]
019 * Ancient Poems, Ballads, and Songs of the Peasantry of England [1st edition] [coll. & ed. by James Henry Dixon, 1846, pp.196-199 - 'The Maskers' Song' - Linton-in-Craven text]
020 * Archive Alive! [exhibition at Museum of North Craven Life, 2009 - 'This book belongs to…' - citation of The Ancient Mystery Play, "St. George,", [1894]]
021 * Auld Wife of Coverdill [extract from Journal of the English Folk Dance Society, 2nd Ser. Vol.2, 1928, pp.31-34 - [Langthwaite] fragment, 1869 - from Cecil J. Sharp Collection - informed by Rev John Tinkler [sic][was Vicar of Arkengarthdale]]
022 * Christmas in Ripon District [index to H.Bulmer Rudd, in Yorkshire Notes and Queries, Vol.III No.10, Jan. 1907, pp.298-299]
023 * Christmas Mummers in Dorsetshire [by J.S. Udal, in Folk-Lore Record, Vol.III Pt.I, 1880, pp.87-116 - (extract from A Grammar and Glossary of the Dorset Dialect, by W. Barnes, in Transactions of the Philological Society, 1864, p.71 - entry for 'Mummers'; citation of Christmas Mummers in Dorsetshire, by J.S. Udal, in Notes and Queries, 5th Ser. Vol.II No.52, 26th Dec. 1874, p.505; [Symondsbury] text; south-west text; note by The Editor [?]: J.T. Micklethwaite possessed Walker Peace Egg chapbook for what is now Thomas Fairman Ordish Collection; Dumbleton text for what is now Thomas Fairman Ordish Collection - informed by Miss Wedgwood [daughter of Rector of Dumbleton]; at Minety, 1876 - informed by Nina Sharp [cousin of Vicar ];) at Acomb, a few years ago - informed by Nina Sharp; (citation of Banks of the Boro: A Chronicle of the County of Wexford, by Patrick Kennedy, 1867, pp.226-232)]
024 * Christmas Sword Dance [index to Yorkshire Notes and Queries, Vol.III No.10, Jan. 1907, pp.304-306]
025 * History of Skipton [by W.Harbutt Dawson, 1882, pp.373-374 - "mummers" (non-play ?) on New-Year's eve]
026 * James Madison Carpenter and the Mummers' Play [citation of Steve Roud & Paul Smith, in Folk Music Journal, Vol.7 No.4, 1998, pp.498-513 - (Garsington (2),) Ampleforth (2) (& Elsham) texts from James Madison Carpenter Collection]
027 * Letters to the Editor : "Plough Monday" [by [Rev] William G.[A.] Griffith, in The Spectator, 4th Jan. 1930, pp.21-22 - (text - informed by a woman;) in the villages north of York, fifty years ago - informed by his father [Rev William Haig Griffith][son of Rector of Flaxton]]
028 * Leyburn Link with Sword Dancers [in Teesdale Mercury, No.4638, 8th Mar. 1944, p.1b - at Bellerby, Wensleydale; (Richmond horse's head seen at Bellerby)]
029 * Local Notes [comp. by Thomas Brayshaw, [1896], p.11 - "pace-eggers" at Giggleswick]
030 * Mode of celebrating Christmas in Yorkshire [by R. S. [Robert Surtees], in Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle, Vol.LXXXI Pt.1:May (New Ser. Vol.4), Jan.-Jun. 1811, pp.423-424]
031 * Mummers [index to Irish Book Lover, Vol.XX No.1, Jan.-Feb. 1932, pp.18-19 - extract from article, in Yorkshire Evening Press, 22nd Dec. 1931, p.9de]
032 * My Kingdom for a Horse!" [US edition] [by William Allison, [1919 ?], pp.45-46 - South Kilvington "plough stots" fragment; p.46 - (mummers at Rugby;) sword-dancers at South Kilvington]
033 * Notes [index to The Ampleforth Journal, Vol.XXVII No.1, Autumn 1921, pp.35-36]
034 * Notes [index to The Ampleforth Journal, Vol.LVII No.1, Autumn 1951, pp.45, 1]
035 * Notes [in The Ampleforth Journal, Vol.XXVII No.1, Autumn 1921, pp.35-36 - extract from The Ampleforth Sword-Dance Play, by H. G., in Glasgow Herald or Manchester Guardian]
036 * Notes on the Goathland Folk Play [index to F.W. Dowson, in Transactions of the Yorkshire Dialect Society, Vol.4 Pt.27, Apr. 1926, pp.36-38]
037 * Notes on Township of High Abbotside [by J. C. [Joseph Corry][Master of High Abbotside Board School], in Yorkshire Folk-Lore Journal, Vol.I, 1888, p.10 - Christmas "Peace-egging" or "Mumming" at [Hardraw]]
038 * Observations on Popular Antiquities: [with additions] [by John Brand, rev. by Henry Ellis, 1813, Vol.I pp.400-403 - 'Sword Dance' - fnG - ([Thomas] Park notes Morris-Dancers at Lincoln; extract from Revesby Abbey, Revesby text [which he possesses - now British Library Add. Ms. 44870];) paraphrasing Mode of celebrating Christmas in Yorkshire, by R. S. [Robert Surtees], in Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle, Vol.LXXXI Pt.1:May (New Ser. Vol.4), Jan.-Jun. 1811, pp.423-424]
039 * Rural England Sixty Years Ago : III [by Old Eborite [pseud], in Teesdale Mercury, No.3054, 14th Jan. 1914, p.8f - ("mumpers";) [unlocated] "plough-Monday" fragment]
040 * Sword Dancers of Long Ago [by [Anon], in Teesdale Mercury, No.4783, 18th Dec. 1946, p.3c - Gayle, Wensleydale text, over 30 years ago]
041 * The Goathland Plough Monday Customs [citation of Geoffrey M. Ridden, in Folk Music Journal, Vol.2 No.5, 1974, pp.352-388]
042 * The Goathland Plough Stots [by F.W. Dowson, in The Yorkshire Dalesman, Vol.8 No.11, Feb. 1947, pp.254-257]
043 * The Household Books of Sir Miles Stapleton, Bart., 1656-1705 [Continued] [by J.Charles Cox, in Ancestor, No.3, Oct. 1902, p.148 - mummers (non-play ?) at Carlton Hall [Carlton Towers], Carlton]
044 * the North Yorkshire Village Book [extract from comp. North Yorkshire Federation s of Women's Institutes, 199? - 'Tollerton' - "plough stots", up to the late 1800s]
045 * The Return of the Blue Stots : An aspect of traditional drama in Yorkshire [by Stuart Rankin, in Tykes News, Autumn 1982 - Now a 60+ page booklet published in Autumn 2003 by Dockside Studios. Includes Selby text and photo of Knaresborough Mummers]
046 * The Sword Dances of Northern England [Vol.III] [summary of C.J. Sharp, 1913 - Haxby]
047 * The Victoria History of the County of York : North Riding. Vol.1 [ed. by William Page, 1914, p.22 - 'Borough of Richmond', by Mabel Maynard - sword dance, until very recently; (horse's head)]
048 * Verses and Notes [by John Wilson, 1903, pp.181-186 - ('"Plough Stotting"' - at North Elmsall; '"Raper" or Sword Dancing' - at North Elmsall;) '"The Horse-Head," or, "The Queen's Pony"' - Poor Old Horse at Kirk Smeaton [sic]]
049 * Word-lore, Practices and Beliefs in Blackamore [index to F.W. Dowson, in Transactions of the Yorkshire Dialect Society, Vol.6 Pt.38, p.31 - (Driffield); Lockton]


050 * Bentham Youth Theatre Group [2007 Tragedy of St George]

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