Folk Play Links - Lancashire, England

Compiled by C. Little

Groups listed may be folk club, morris dance or amateur drama groups, as well as traditional performers. Publications listed may be cited, extracted or summarised publications, as well as full text.


001 * Abram Pace Eggers / Abram Morris Dancers [CommuniGate - Text of a 'typical' Lancashire Pace-Egg play, but not the text performed by Abram Pace Eggers]
002 * Abram Pace Eggers / Abram Morris Dancers [perform Lancaster text; photos; programme]
003 * Bury Pace Eggers [perform Radcliffe text; programme]
004 * Curtain Theatre Players [perform Edwards & Bryning chapbook text; photos; video; programme]
005 * Fylde Folk Festival [Photo of Fleetwood Cod End Mummers [no longer performing]]
006 * Life and Tradition in the Lake District [citation of William Rollinson, 1974, plate 42 - Photo of Furness Morris Men]
007 * Middleton Pace Eggers [photos; cast list; programme; script]
008 * Middleton's Pace Eggers [in Middleton Guardian, 23rd Apr. 1985; 30th Mar. 1989; 7th Apr. 1994]
009 * Mossley Morris Men [perform chapbook text from Lancashire Legends, Traditions, Pageants, Sports, & c.; photos; programme - Saddleworth Morris Men]
010 * Pace-egging Plays [index to Gordon Ridgewell, in FLS News, No.47, Nov. 2005, p.14 - citations of Bury Times, 22nd Mar. 2005, pp.10, 15 (& Hebden Bridge Times, 1st Apr. 2005, pp.1, 5)]
011 * Southport Mummers / Bothy Folk Club [no longer performing] [photo]
012 * Stalmine Pace Eggers / Stalmine Parish Church Men's Group [perform Lancaster text; programme]
013 * Stone the Crows [photo; programme]
014 * Thelwall Mummers / Thelwall Morris [photos; cast list; programme; script]

Libraries & Archives

015 * Bury Image Bank [image archive] [Photos 7 of Bury Pace Eggers, 1976; 1 at Radcliffe, 1976]
016 * Bury Image Bank [image archive] [Photos 4 of pace egging at Ramsbottom, 1975]
017 * North West Film Archive [Search for 'Pace Egg' or 'Mummers']
018 * North West Sound Archive
019 * Survey of English Dialects (SED) Incidental Material [Ref. 5La3] [Pace Egg Play at Yealand]


020 * A Glossary of the Lancashire Dialect [by John H. Nodal & George Milner, 1875, p.209 - entry for 'Pace-Eggers']
021 * A History of Altrincham and Bowdon, [by Alfred Ingham, 1879, pp.126-127 - "Peace Egg" or "St. George's annual play for the amusement of youth"]
022 * A History of Flixton, Urmston, and Davyhulme [by Richard Lawson, 1898, pp.83-84 - 'The Pace-Eggers' - Eccles "Mummers" seen at Flixton & at Flixton]
023 * A History of Pantomime [by R.J. Broadbent, 1901, Chapter VIII - "Paste-eggers" at Kirkby]
024 * A History of the County of Lancaster. Vol.3 [eds. by William Farrer & J. Brownbill, 1907, p.285 - 'Aughton', by William Farrer & J. Brownbill - "pace-egging" - citation of Gleanings towards the Annals of Aughton, near Ormskirk, comp. by G.Coulthard Newstead, 1893, pp.39-40]
025 * A History of the County of Lancaster. Vol.5 [eds. by William Farrer & J. Brownbill, 1911, p.46 - 'Flixton : Flixton', by W. Farrer & J. Brownbill - "pace-egging" - citation of A History of Flixton, Urmston, and Davyhulme, by Richard Lawson, 1898, pp.83-84 & A History of the Parish of Flixton (Lancashire), by David Herbert Langton, 1898, pp.98-99]
026 * Ab-o'th'-Yate's Dictionary; Or, Walmsley Fowt Skoomester [by [Benjamin Brierley], 1881, p.79 - entry for 'First' - "What every concaited foo likes bein, even if he's nobbut leeadin up pace-eggers. He mun have his face extry blacked, an' summat in his button-hole."]
027 * Alexander and the King of Egypt [by J.H. D. [James Henry Dixon], in Local Historian's Table Book, 1846, Legendary Division Vol.III, pp.375-380 - (Newcastle chapbook text - from Sandys;) chapbook just been published by P. Whittle of Preston]
028 * Annals of the Liverpool Stage [by R.J. Broadbent, 1908, p.3 - at Kirkby, thirty years ago]
029 * Bibliography of Lancashire and Cheshire : Publications issued in the Two Counties during 1876 [Appendix] [in Papers of the Manchester Literary Club, Vol.III, 1877, p.291 - citation of A. Heywood chapbook]
030 * Bowd Slasher [extract from The Works of John Trafford Clegg ("Th' Owd Weighver") : Stories, Sketches, & Rhymes in the Rochdale [sic] Dialect, Vol.1, 1895, pp.76-83]
031 * British Popular Customs, Present and Past; [by Rev T.F. Thiselton Dyer, 1876, p.134 - extract from History of the County Palatine and Duchy of Lancaster, by Edward Baines, 1836, Vol.IV p.436 - "Jolly Lads" at Poulton-le-Fylde]
032 * 'By my travels': the doctor's speeches in some north-western pace-egging plays [citation of Kathleen Harryman, in Bulletin of John Rylands University Library of Manchester, Vol.81 No.1, Spring 1999, pp.113-125]
033 * Bygone Stalybridge [by Samuel Hill, 1907, p.142 - 'Peace-Egging' - fragment]
034 * Darwen and its People [extract from J.G. Shaw, 1889]
035 * Eminent Literary and Scientific Men of Great Britain and Ireland, Vol.I [by [S.A. Dunham ?], 1836, pp.183-184 - 'John Heywood' - "on the borders of Lancashire and Yorkshire, on Good Friday"]
036 * English County Songs [extract from Broadwood & Maitland, 1893 - Peace egging at Heysham - informed by Margaret Royds [daughter of Rector of Heysham]]
037 * Folk-Lore : Old Customs and Tales of my Neighbours [by Fletcher Moss, 1898, pp.40-41 - mummers' play with Old Hob or Old Ball at pace-egging time; 67-68 - mumming at Christmas - [compilation?]]
038 * Folklore Songs and Ring Games [by Rev Addison Crofton [V of St Elisabeth's, Reddish Green], in Transactions of the Lancashire and Cheshire Antiquarian Society, Vol.III, 1885, p.266 - Title of 14th Nov. 1885 talk and School performance at Reddish Green; possesses [J. Harkness] chapbook [- see also Roomer, Vol.1 No.1, Sep. 1980, p.4 - 11th Apr. 1885 performance at [Reddish Green]; citation of J. Harkness chapbook]]
039 * FTX-108 - Bessy Brown Bags : Cumbrian Pace-Egg Customs [CD for sale: by Damian Webb, 1975 - Tracks 4-5 - Audio of Near & Far Sawrey Page Egg Plays, 1960 + 1967]
040 * FTX-199 - Beliefs & Customs - The Games we Play - 2 [CD for sale: by Damian Webb, 1975 - Tracks 17-18 - as FTX-108]
041 * Gleanings towards the Annals of Aughton, near Ormskirk [comp. by G.Coulthard Newstead, 1893, pp.39-40 - 'Easter Pasch or Pace Egging']
042 * Hawkshead: [by Henry Swainson Cowper, 1899, pp.334-337 - 'The Easter Pace-Egg Play' - Satterthwaite text; also performed at Hawkshead, 1898 - children taught it by Mrs Hyde]
043 * Historical and Descriptive Notices of Droylsden, Past and Present [by John Higson, 1859, p.61 - pace eggers]
044 * History of the Fylde of Lancashire [by John Porter, 1876, pp.106 - chapbook fragment; (107 - Soul-pence at Marton [township][Great Marton], in late years)]
045 * Ignagning and Ignagnus [by T. [Rev William Thornber][! born at Poulton-le-Fylde], in Notes and Queries, 2nd Ser. Vol.V No.120, 17th Apr. 1858, p.315 - in the Fylde, fifty years ago - [Poulton-le-Fylde] fragment; superseded by "Jolly lads"]
046 * Ignagning" [by [Rev] A.L. Mayhew, in Notes and Queries, 9th Ser. Vol.V No.113, 24th Feb. 1900, p.147 - citation of Blackpool, by Thornber, 1837, p.92 - earlier?]
047 * Ignagning" [by Everard Home Coleman, in Notes and Queries, 9th Ser. Vol.V No.118, 31st Mar. 1900, pp.252-253 - citation of Ignagning and Ignagnus, by T. [Thornber ?!], in Notes and Queries, 2nd Ser. Vol.V No.120, 17th Apr. 1858, p.315]
048 * Illustrations of Lancashire : VI [by Leo Grindon, in The Portfolio, [Jun. ?] 1881, p.94 - "Pace-egging"]
049 * John Harkness Publisher & Printer of Broadsheets [by Roy Smith, in Fulwood Methodist Church Magazine, Easter 2002]
050 * Lancashire : Brief Historical and Descriptive Notes [by Leo H. Grindon, 1892, pp.191, viii - as his article]
051 * Lancashire Customs [by P. P., in Notes and Queries, [1st Ser.] Vol.III No.87, 28th Jun. 1851, pp.516-517 - "pace eggers"]
052 * Lancashire Folk-Lore: [comps. & eds. by John Harland & T.T. Wilkinson, 1867, pp.236-237 - 'Easter Customs in the Fylde' - extract from History of Blackpool, by William Thornber [Incumbent [Perpetual Curate] of Blackpool][! born at Poulton-le-Fylde], 1837 , pp.92-93 - "Ignagning" superseded by "Jolly Lads" (non-play) at Poulton-le-Fylde]
053 * Lancashire Legends, Traditions, Pageants, Sports, & c. [by John Harland & T.T. Wilkinson, 1873, pp.101-108 - 'The Pace-Egg Mummers' - chapbook text]
054 * Lancashire Memories [by Louisa Potter, 1879, pp.80-81 - Woodley, [Stand] fragment, [before 1835]]
055 * Lancashire Pace-Egging Songs [coll. by Annie G. Gilchrist, in Journal of the Folk-Song Society, No.9 [Vol.II No.4], [Dec.] 1906, pp.231-236 - (Overton "jolly-boys" songs at Sunderland;) play superseded by them (/ note by C.J. S. [Cecil J. Sharp] / coll. by F. K. [Frank Kidson] - Kirkby Lonsdale "Pace-Egging" song; possesses Peace Egg chapbook?; "mumming" at Leeds / note by J.A. F.M. [J.A. Fuller-Maitland])]
056 * Lifting Tuesday [by Arthur W. Fox, in Papers of the Manchester Literary Club : The Manchester Quarterly:, Vol.XXVIII : XXI, 1902, pp.152 - Pace-egging at Barnton [Ashton-in-Makerfield ?] on Good Friday; (152-153 - "Black Pace-eggers" on Thursday; 153 - small boys and girls on Good Friday)]
057 * Long Preston Peggy" [by James Henry Dixon, in Notes and Queries, 4th Ser. Vol.IX No.213, 27th Jan. 1872, p.82 - Peter Whittle of Preston printed a chapbook]
058 * Manners and Customs of Old Stockport : Peace Egging [by E. H., in Advertiser Notes and Queries, Pt.II Vol.[I], May-Jul. 1881, pp.103-104 - as Stockport Advertiser, 9th Jul. 1881 - citation of J. Heywood chapbook]
059 * Memorials of Bygone Manchester with glimpses of the environs [by Richard Wright Procter, 1880, p.39 - as Manchester Guardian, 18th Nov. 1878, p.7 - citation of Swindells chapbook?; list, by [William Harrison] - omits it]
060 * Memorials of Hindley [extract from John Leyland, [1874], Part First - Paste-egging]
061 * Notes & Queries : Easter Customs [by J. B., in Manchester Weekly Times and Salford Weekly News, No.1683, 26th Oct. 1889, p.6d - "ribboners" at Urmston & Flixton - Subscription required for Gale: 19th Century British Library Newspapers]
062 * Notes of the Month [in Antiquary, Vol.XLI No.?, May 1905, pp.162-163 - extract from , by James Ogden, in Manchester City News, 25th Mar. 1905, p.2bc]
063 * Notes on Southport and District [extract from Rev W.T. Bulpit [was Vicar of Banks], 1908, pp.52, 50 - 'Banks and its People' - mummers and Pace eggers at, between 1872 and 1878]
064 * Observations on the Popular Antiquities of Great Britain: [New edition, with further additions [by James Orchard Halliwell] only] [by John Brand, rev. by Sir Henry Ellis, 1849, Vol.I p.176 - extract from Peace Egg chapbook which he possesses]
065 * Old Hall Rhymes [by R.R. Bealey [lived at Old Hall, Stand], n.d., pp.61-62 - 'Owd David-at-Major's' - "pace-eggin''" - [incidentally, poem about Pilkington Footpath Case, 1866; Winterbottom v. 14th Earl of Derby, 1867] - Literary Work]
066 * Our Weekly Party [in Young Folks, Iss.487, 3rd Apr. 1880 - peace egg at Oldham - Subscription required for Gale: 19th Century UK Periodicals]
067 * Pace-eggers break out of their shell [by Eddie Cass, in Shave The Donkey, 27th Apr. 2001]
068 * Pace-Egging [by F. Williamson, in Notes and Queries, 12th Ser. Vol.II No.27, 1st Jul. 1916, p.12 - at Rochdale; possesses Edwards & Bryning chapbook]
069 * Pace-Egging [by Fred L. Tavaré, in Notes and Queries, 12th Ser. Vol.II No.30, 22nd Jul. 1916, p.76 - extract from Old Chorlton - at Chorlton-cum-Hardy]
070 * Pace-Egging at Heywood [by Lemuel [pseud], in Heywood Notes & Queries, Vol.III, 1907, p.57 - as Heywood Advertiser, 29th Mar. 1907 - "Pace Egg" at Heywood]
071 * Pace-Egging in Bury and Beyond [by Alan J. Seymour, 1994 - Archived]
072 * Pace-Egging in Heywood [by James Turner, in Heywood Notes & Queries, Vol.I, 1905, p.54 - as Heywood Advertiser, 28th Apr. 1905 - "The Pace Egg; or St George" fragment]
073 * Pace-Egging in Lancashire [by J. B., in City News Notes and Queries, Vol.III Pt.IV, Oct. - Dec. 1878, p.322 - as Manchester City News, 21st Dec. 1878]
074 * Pace-Egging in Lancashire [by W. H., in City News Notes and Queries, Vol.III Pt.IV, Oct. - Dec. 1878, pp.326-327 - as Manchester City News, 28th Dec. 1878 - Manchester fragment; at Free-trade Hall, thirty years ago]
075 * Play for Today [in Rochdale Observer, 10th Apr. 1974 - Redbrook School performance]
076 * Programme [in Ramsbottom Heritage Society News Magazine, No.19, Spring 2000 [sic], p.back cover - 'Pace Egging in Lancashire', by Alan Seymour, Title of 19th Apr. 2000 talk]
077 * Public Realm Built on Myth [by Rory Olcayto, in Architects' Journal, Vol.228 No.11, 25th Sep. 2008, pp.20-23 - iconography in Burscough Bridge regeneration scheme inspired by pace eggers & Photos of Bury Pace Eggers]
078 * Reminiscences of Lancashire and Cheshire when George IV was King [by Charlotte S. Burne, in Folk-Lore, Vol.XX No.2, Jun. 1909, p.207 - "peace-eggers" at Northenden; Northenden fragment - informed of both by Rev William Whitelegge [her uncle] & Mrs Whitelegge [mother of her uncle]; "pace-eggers" at Bury - informed by her mother; observation that informant in one county may describe by the same name similar but different practioners in another county]
079 * Revival of Old Christmas Gambols at Manchester : Christmas Play of "St. George and the Dragon" [citation of Illustrated London News, Vol.XIV No.353, 13th Jan. 1849, pp.27-28 - illustration of the Manchester Mechanics' Institution]
080 * Rochdale Pace Egg Group of Over Sixty Years Ago [in Rochdale Observer, 4th Aug. 1956 - photo, old n.d.]
081 * Rural Amusements [by J. A., in Kaleidoscope, Vol.V No.254, 10th May 1825, pp.378-379 - [Salford ?] text; (extract from Poems, Chiefly Pastoral, by John Cunningham, 1766, pp.171-172 - Literary Work)]
082 * Selections From Warp & Weft by Mary Thomason [by Leigh Local History Society, 1977, pp.28-29, i; (29-30, i) - extract from below]
083 * St George Mumming Play [by Arthur Bowes, in Notes and Queries, 12th Ser. Vol.I No.20, 13th May 1916, p.393 - at Newton-le-Willows; possesses chapbook; (at Alderley Park, [Nether] Alderley;) citation of T.P.'s Weekly, Christmas No., 1913; citation of A School Party of 1861, in Manchester City News, 10th Jan. 1914]
084 * Tales and Sketches of Lancashire Life [by Benjamin Brierley, [1862-63], Vol.I pp.113-114 Pt.I - 'Easter Holidays' - "peace-egg" superseded by "Robin Hood and his Merry Men of Sherwood" at Hazelworth [Failsworth]]
085 * The "Pace Egg" and the Folk Drama [by Quincunx [pseud], in Heywood Notes & Queries, Vol.III, 1907, pp.63-68 - as Heywood Advertiser, 12th Apr. 1907 - general]
086 * The Black Knight of Ashton [sic]. … With some Tales and Songs by the Way [by William E.A. Axon, n.d., pp.44-53 - 'Race with the Devil' - Ashton-under-Lyne fragment or song or "Robin Hood", thirty years since - Literary Work]
087 * The Brothers Beattie and their Drawings of Old Liverpool [by Charles R. Hand, in Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire, Vol.LXVI (New Ser. Vol.XXX), Year 1914, p.144 - 'The Southport of Sixty Years Ago', by Edwin Robert Beattie - Pace Eggers]
088 * The Gorton Historical Recorder; [by John Higson, [1852], pp.15-16 - '' - peace eggers]
089 * The History of Adult Education, [by J.W. Hudson, 1851, p.128 - 'The Manchester Mechanics' Institution']
090 * The History of the Parish of Kirkham, in the County of Lancaster [by Henry Fishwick, 1874, p.207 - 'Pace-Egging']
091 * The History of the Parish of Poulton-le-Fylde, in the County of Lancaster [by Henry Fishwick, 1885, p.199 - 'Ignagning' - now known as "Pace-egging"]
092 * The Nursery Rhymes of England, [4th edition, enlarged by a Supplement, only] [ed. by James Orchard Halliwell, 1846, p.211 - CCCCLXXXIII "Here come I, Little David Doubt;"]
093 * The Pace Egg and its Characters [by Quincunx [pseud], in Heywood Notes & Queries, Vol.III, 1907, pp.69-72 - as Heywood Advertiser, 19th Apr. 1907 - general]
094 * The Pace Egg and its Origin [in Rochdale Observer, 14th Apr. 1909]
095 * The Pace Egg in Southern Lancashire [citation of Alan & Jean Seymour, in Folk Music Journal, Vol.2 No.4, 1973, pp.305-314]
096 * The pace-egg play - a traditional drama in the Lancashire cotton towns [citation of Eddie Cass, in Transactions of the Lancashire & Cheshire Antiquarian Society, Vol.94, 1998, pp.111-135]
097 * The Pace-Egging Play in Lancashire (post-1918) [citation of Eddie Cass, in Lancashire History Quarterly, Vol.2 No.4, Dec. 1998, pp.129-132]
098 * The Pace-Egging Play in Lancashire (pre-1918) [citation of Eddie Cass, in Lancashire History Quarterly, Vol.2 No.3, Sep. 1998, pp.85-89]
099 * The Peace Egg [by Folk Lorist [pseud], in Heywood Notes & Queries, Vol.III, 1907, pp.11-12 - as Heywood Advertiser, 25th Jan. 1907 - "The Peace Egg" at Heywood]
100 * The Peace Egg Book: an Anglo-Irish Chapbook Connection Discovered [by Eddie Cass, Michael J.Preston & Paul Smith, in Folklore, Vol.114 No.1, Apr. 2003]
101 * The Peace Egg" [by H. Fishwick, in Notes and Queries, 5th Ser. Vol.V No.109, 29th Jan. 1876, p.96 - "paceggers"]
102 * The Peace Egg" [by P. P., in Notes and Queries, 5th Ser. Vol.V No.109, 29th Jan. 1876, p.96 - "pace eggers"]
103 * The Pictorial History of the County of Lancaster: [2nd printing of An Illustrated Itinerary of the County of Lancaster] [ed. by [Mr [Cyrus] Redding] by Dr [John Relly] Beard, 1844, pp.(287-289;) 297 - (Pace Egging and "playing the old ball" at Blackburn;) "jolly lads" at Poulton-le-Fylde]
104 * The Second International Folk-Lore Congress, 1891 [eds. by Joseph Jacobs & Alfred Nutt, 1892, p.436 - for what is now Thomas Fairman Ordish Collection 'Catalogue of the Exhibition of Objects Connected with Folk-Lore in the Rooms of the Society of Antiquaries, Burlington House : Three Pace Eggs (Easter Eggs) from Woodbroughton, near Cartmel, Furness' - "pace-eggers" at Field Broughton & Lowick; '... : Mummers' Plays in MS., written for Miss Burne by the peasant mummers' (/ pp.463-464 - 'Conversaziane : 9.55 : The Guisers' Play' - reproduction of [Newport text] as at Eccleshall)]
105 * Traditions, Superstitions, and Folk-Lore, (Chiefly Lancashire and the North of England:) [by Charles Hardwick, 1872, p.73 - "pace-egging" at Preston (& (non-play) at Walton-le-Dale)]
106 * Transactions, at the Summer Meeting held at Dursley, August, 1886 : Notes on Dursley and the Neighbourhood [by F. Madan [son of Rector of Dursley], in Transactions of the Bristol and Gloucestershire Archaeological Society, Vol.XI, 1887, p.204 - (at Dursley; "Guise-dancer" in Cornwall - informed by [Rev W.] Bazeley [born at St Ives]; Mari Llwyd in Herefordshire and Monmouthshire - informed by Mrs [Mary Ellen] Bagnall-Oakeley [wife of Curate of Penallt];) "Pace-eggers" in Lancashire - informed by Rev S.E. Bartleet [was Vicar of Shaw etc]]
107 * Warp and Weft : (Cuts from a Lancashire Loom) [by Mary Thomason, 1938, pp.129-130, 30; (130, 30) - 'Old Leigh : Its People and Customs' [- as Leigh of Yesterday : Its People and Customs, in Leigh Journal, 1925] - 'The Village Wakes' - Gee Bawl fragment; ('Old Feast Days' - Pace-egging)]
108 * What is the Pace-Egg Play? [citation of Eddie Cass, in Northern Earth, No.105, Spring 2006, pp.7-12]
109 * What is the Pace-Egg Play? [without illustratons] [by Eddie Cass, in Northern Earth, No.105, Spring 2006, pp.7-12]


110 * Ashton Theatre Group, Youth Theatre [List with 1998 performance]
111 * castle hall [Pace-Egging at Stalybridge]
112 * Curious Customs [exhibition at Prescot Museum, 2002 - Archived]
113 * Pace Egging: A Lancashire Tradition, by John Ravenscroft [internet only] [Article including photos by Duncan Broomhead]
114 * Rochdale Local Studies Library [History of the local Pace Egg plays - with many photos, old n.d.]
115 * The Pace Egg Play, an old Lancashire custom [by Eddie Cass, Title of 17th Oct. 2001 talk to Lancashire Family History & Heraldry Society : Pendle & Burnley Branch - newsletter]
116 * The Prescotian [Photo of Prescot Grammar School 1975 performance]

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