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Compiled by C. Little


001 * Agersø Mill [Hellig Tre Kongersløb - Photo and description of maskers - in Danish]


002 * Kutri's Korner [Tiernapojat - Text, scores and illustrations of Finish 'Star Boys' play from Oulu. Cast includes: Herod, King of the Moors, Knihti (Herod's servant), and Mäaut;nkki (Star twirler).]


003 * Le mumming [by Alpha [pseud], in L' Intermédiaire des chercheurs et curieux, Vol.XXXIX No.826, 28th Feb. 1899, col.279]


004 * Mystica Vannus Iacchi [by Jane E. Harrison, in Journal of Hellenic Studies, Vol.XXIII, 1903, pp.292-324]


005 * Mystica Vannus Iacchi [Continued] [by Jane Ellen Harrison, in Journal of Hellenic Studies, Vol.XXIV, 1904, pp.241-254]
006 * The Alcestis as a Folk-Drama [by E.H. Binney, in Classical Review, Vol.XIX No.CLXVI, Mar. 1905, pp.98-99]
007 * The Modern Carnival in Thrace and the Cult of Dionysus [by R.M. Dawkins, in Journal of Hellenic Studies, Vol.XXVI, 1906, pp.191-206]


008 * Norway, and the Norwegians, [by R.G. Latham, 1840, Vol.II pp.234-244 - "Yule-bokker"]


009 * FF-4404 - The Roumanian Calusari [DVD for sale: Video, 1938]


010 * My Life [by Leon Trotsky, 1930, chap.II - "Czar Maksimilian" folk play at Yanovka in 1886.]


011 * Description of the Morris Dance in Wales [by E. H., in Gentleman's Magazine: and Historical Chronicle, Vol.LXXXIX Pt.1:Mar. (New Ser. Vol.12), Jan.-Jun. 1819, pp.222-223 - Mari Lwyd; "Merry Dancers"; Punch and Judy; Calennig]
012 * letter [index to Taliesin 'ab Iolo' [Williams][son of 'Iolo Morganwg' [Edward Williams]], in Cambrian, 31st Dec. 1831 - Mari Lwyd [- see also A Rattleskull Genius, by Jenkins, 2005, p.468]]
013 * The Gnostics and their Remains [by C.W. King [born at Newport], 1864, p.158 - Mari Lwyd]
014 * Welsh Gleanings [in Cardiff Times and South Wales Weekly News, 53rd, 1st Jan. 1910, p.1g - "punch and judies", forty years ago]

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