Folk Play Links - Cheshire, England

Compiled by C. Little

Groups listed may be folk club, morris dance or amateur drama groups, as well as traditional performers. Publications listed may be cited, extracted or summarised publications, as well as full text.


001 * Alderley Mummers Play / Adlington Morris Men [perform Alderley text; photos; programme]
002 * Comberbach Soulcakers [perform Comberbach text; photos; programme; script]
003 * FF-1108 - Step in, Wild Horse [DVD for sale: by Peter Kennedy - Video of Antrobus Soulcakers, 1956 & 1983]
004 * FTX-107 - Step in, Wild Horse : Cheshire Souling Plays [CD for sale: by Peter Kennedy, 1975 - Audio of Antrobus Soulcakers, 1954; (at Hatton / at Frodsham & Helsby - informed by Bob Rodgers, 1954 / at Swettenham - informed by Matthew Hollinshead, ?)]
005 * God's Croft Beelzebubbers / Mersey Morris Men [perform Frankby text; programme]
006 * Halton Souling Play / Earl of Stamford Morris [perform Halton text; photos; programme]
007 * International] Mummers Festival [in Morris Federation : Newsletter, Summer 2001, pp.7, cover - about Alderley Mummers Play (and Aughakillymaude Community Mummers); (extract from Hedingham Fair greeting card)]
008 * Isca Morrismen [Photos of Alderley Mummers Play]
009 * Jones' Ale Soul Cakers
010 * SDL-425 - English Customs and Traditions [CD for sale: Track 7 - 'Antrobus Soulcakers']
011 * Swettenham Soulers / Adlington Morris Men [This is the song, no longer the play.]
012 * Warburton Souling Play (/ Bollin River Morris) [perform Warburton text; photos; audio; programme]

Libraries & Archives

013 * Alderley Edge Landscape Project: Heritage and Educational Resources (AELPHER) [Audio of Alderley Mummers Play etc]
014 * Frodsham and District History Society [image archive] [Photos 2 + 2 of Frodsham Soul Caking Play, circa 1900-1913; 1 of Frodsham Soul Caking Play, circa 1919-1938 [as article]; 1 of Bob Rodgers, circa 1919-1938]
015 * Topham Picturepoint [photo of Alderley Mummers, 1919 - Alfieri Picture Service - Search for 'Alderley']
016 * Village History Scrapbook [Cheshire Record Office] [by Upton Heath Women's Institute, 1951 - at Upton Heath, in the mid nineteenth century; (Upton Heath "souling" songs)]


017 * A Glossary of Words used in the County of Cheshire [by Robert Holland, 1885-86, pp.101 - entry for 'Dobby-Horse'; 330 - entry for 'Soul-Cakers or Soulers'; 506-513 - 'Customs' - 'Souling or Soul-Caking' - "acting" at Halton, Middlewich, Mobberley & [Frodsham]; possesses Looney & Pilling Peace Egg chapbook?; Halton text]
018 * Barthomley : In Letters from a Former Rector to his Eldest Son [by Rev Edward Hinchliffe [was Rector of Barthomley], 1856, pp.141-143 - 'Letter XIII']
019 * Cheshire Gleanings [by William E.A. Axon, 1884, pp.155-159 - 'Old Easter Customs of Cheshire' - "pace-egg"]
020 * Cuddington and Sandiway [by Latham, 1975, Nos.12 & 17 under 'Sports and Customs' - paraphrasing Cheshire Folk Drama, by Alex Helm, 1968 - Archived]
021 * Dictionary of Customs [by Ricardus Frederici, in Notes and Queries, 3rd Ser. Vol.XII No.311, 14th Dec. 1867, p.479 - (Mow Cop [parishes on and round] "souling" song;) Newbold Astbury, Odd Rode & Church Lawton [parishes] "guisers" song; (Knotty Ash & West Derby song)]
022 * Frodsham Soul Caking Play [Pamphlet for sale: by Bob Ro[d]gers [- transcript of excerpt of FTX-107]]
023 * From John O' Groats to Land's End [by John & Robert Naylor, 1916 - ("Soulers" or "Soul-Cakers" at Grappenhall;) Grappenhall Mummers fragment]
024 * FTX-107 - Step in, Wild Horse : Cheshire Souling Plays [CD for sale: by Peter Kennedy, 1975 - (Audio of Antrobus Soulcakers, 1954;) at Hatton / at Frodsham & Helsby - informed by Bob Rodgers, 1954 / at Swettenham - informed by Matthew Hollinshead, ?]
025 * Hodening [by [Rev] E.[C.] Leaton-Blenkinsopp, in Notes and Queries, 7th Ser. Vol.XI No.271, 7th Mar. 1891, pp.184-185 - extract from Varia, by Peter Lombard [Canon Benham], in Church Times, Vol.XXIX No.1461, 23rd Jan. 1891, p.78a - (at Walmer; at Hoath, Herne & Chislet;) [soulers] at Northwich]
026 * Knutsford, its Traditions and History : [by Henry Green [Unitarian Minister of Knutsford], 1859, pp.79-80 - at [Heathfield][School Close], Knutsford, a few years ago; citation of Barthomley, by Rev Edward Hinchliffe, 1856, pp.141-143; extract from The History of the County Palatine and City of Cheshire;, by George Ormerod, 1819, Vol.I p.lii; (81-83 - souling at Knutsford)]
027 * Lectures on the History of the Eastern Church [2nd edition] [by [Dean of Westminster] Arthur Penrhyn Stanley [son of Rector of Alderley][nephew of 7th Baronet / 1st Baron], 1862, p.244]
028 * Lichfield [History of the Diocese] [by William Beresford [born at Bosley][Vicar of St Luke's, Leek], n.d., p.225fn - ("Old Hob";) acting "soulers"; (soul-cake begging) in East Cheshire (& Staffordshire)]
029 * Lord Beaconsfield and other Tory Memories [by T.E. Kebbel [son of Perpetual Curate of Kilby], 1907, pp.(335-336, 149 - Plough Monday at Kilby, sixty years ago;) 281-282 [- friend of 3rd Baron] - morris dance at Alderley Park, Nether Alderley, 1884-1903 [- no mention of mumming!]]
030 * Magna Britannia; [by Rev Daniel Lysons & Samuel Lysons, Vol.II Pt.II Cheshire, 1810, pp.462-464 - 'Customs', informed by Sir J.T. Stanley [7th Baronet / 1st Baron] - Maying, Easter "lifting", "rush-bearing", "marlers", sanding at Knutsford [- no mention of mumming!]]
031 * Manners and Customs of Old Stockport : Peace Egging [by E. H., in Advertiser Notes and Queries, Pt.II Vol.[I], May-Jul. 1881, pp.103-104 - as Stockport Advertiser, 9th Jul. 1881 - (citation of J. Heywood chapbook)]
032 * Memoirs of Seventy Years of an Eventful Life, [by Charles Hulbert, 1852, p.42 - Northen Etchells "Acting" fragment, between 1783 and 1786; (74-75 - pace egging at Halton, between 1787 and 1790; 107-108, 105 - as Museum of the World, by Charles Hulbert, Pt.IV : Museum Europaeum, 1825, p.384 - "Peace Egging" at Swinton)]
033 * Memorials of my Mother and my Home [Catherine King] [by Ellen Goodwin [granddaughter of Rector of Woodchurch], 1889, pp.56-57 - Mummers at Woodchurch, after 1820 or 1821]
034 * Memorials of Old Cheshire [eds. by Ven Edward Barber & Rev P.H. Ditchfield, 1910, p.235 - 'Some Cheshire Customs Customs, Proverbs, and Folk-Lore', by Joseph C. Bridge - soulers at Northwich, Tarporley & Over]
035 * Memories of Hawthorne [by Rose Hawthorne Lathrop [his daughter], 1897 - mummers (carollers ?) at Rock Park, Rock Ferry]
036 * Memories of the Soulers and Geezers [by Bert Meakin, in Congleton Chronicle - "Geezers" text, about the beginning of this century - Archived]
037 * Morris and Mumming [by Francis A. Shurrock, in English Folk Lore in Dance and Song, No.3, Jun. 1939, p.10 - Tarvin fragment]
038 * Mummers [by C.V. Goddard [Curate of St Oswald's, Chester], in Antiquarian Magazine & Bibliographer, Vol.III No.16, [Apr.] 1883, p.218 - (Chester "Soleing" song;) "Mummers" at Upton]
039 * Notes on a Portion of the Northern Borders of Staffordshire : The Village of Bosley [by [Rev] William Beresford [born at Bosley], in Reliquary, Vol.IV No.-, Oct. 1863, p.116 - (souling at Bosley;) at Bosley]
040 * Old English Customs Extant at the Present Time [by P.H. Ditchfield [Rector of Barkham], 1896, (pp.27-28 - Hoodening at Walmer;) 28 - [soulers] at Northwich; [both paraphrased from Hodening, by E. Leaton-Blenkinsopp, in Notes and Queries, 7th Ser. Vol.XI No.271, 7th Mar. 1891, pp.183-184;] (28-29 - "the Broad" at Kingscote)]
041 * On Ancient Customs of Cheshire [by Llewellynn Jewitt, in Journal of the British Archaeological Association, Vol.V, 1850, pp.252-253 - a-souling play (& "Old Hob") - paraphrasing]
042 * Open the Door and Let Us In [by Roy Clinging, in The Living Tradition, Iss.25, ?]
043 * Peer's Party for Mummers [in Daily Mirror, No.6190, 2nd Jan. 1926, p.8ab - Photo of Alderley Mummers - Subscription required for UKPressOnline]
044 * Souling at Swettenham [by Simon Jones, in North West Federation of Folk Clubs : Newsletter, Vol.6 No.2, Sep.-Nov. 1983, pp.10-11 - informed by [niece of Matthew Hollinshead]]
045 * St George Mumming Play [by Arthur Bowes, in Notes and Queries, 12th Ser. Vol.I No.20, 13th May 1916, p.393 - (at Newton-le-Willows;) possesses chapbook; at Alderley Park, [Nether] Alderley; citation of T.P.'s Weekly, Christmas No., 1913; citation of A School Party of 1861, in Manchester City News, 10th Jan. 1914]
046 * Tales from a Sporting Life [Book for sale: by Percy Youd, 2003 - Frodsham text + photo of Helsby soul-cakers + Photo of Jones' Ale Soul Caker]
047 * The Alderley Mummers Play and the Barber Family [index to Mary Houseman, in North Cheshire Family Historian, Vol.25 No.2, Feb. 1998, pp.64-65]
048 * The Amberley Papers : The Letters and Diaries of Lord and Lady Amberley [extract from eds. Bertrand & Patricia Russell [their son & his 3rd wife], 1937, Vol.I pp.63-65 - two letters, former to her mother & latter to her brother, by Kate Stanley [daughter of 2nd Baron][wife to be of Viscount Amberley] - (Soulers with Horse (non-play) seen at Alderley Park, Nether Alderley, 1859;) not like their own Mummers]
049 * The Antrobus Soulcaking Play: An Alternative Approach to the Mummers' Play [citation of Susan Pattison, in Folk Life, Vol.15, 1977]
050 * The Cheshire Village Book [extract from comp. Cheshire Federation of Women's Institutes, 199? - 'Tarvin' - fragment [- extract from Boyd article]]
051 * The Cheshire Village Book [extract from comp. Cheshire Federation of Women's Institutes, 199? - 'Antrobus' - about Antrobus Soulcakers]
052 * The Cheshire Village Book [extract from comp. Cheshire Federation of Women's Institutes, 199? - 'Comberbach' - about Comberbach Soulcakers]
053 * The Cheshire Village Book [extract from comp. Cheshire Federation of Women's Institutes, 199? - 'Great Budworth' - about Comberbach Soulcakers]
054 * The Early Married Life of Maria Josepha Lady Stanley [wife of 7th Baronet / 1st Baron], [ed. by Jane H. Adeane [one of her grandchildren], 1899, pp.247-248 - mummers at Alderley Park, Nether Alderley, 1802]
055 * The History of the County Palatine and City of Cheshire; [by George Ormerod, 1819, Vol.I - Sandbach text, 1817 - informed of both by John Edwards (& citation of copy owned by Francis Douce of Alexander and the king of Egypt;, 1788; Sandbach "Soulers" song; Old Hob;) liiifn - citation of Magna Britannia, Cheshire, p.463 - customs]


056 * A History of Morris Dancing in and around Lymm and Statham, by Geoff Bibby [Lymm song - informed by Jack Gilbert; text, 1930 - informed by Jack Gilbert; Lymm [Warburton] text, 1950 - as Alex Helm Collection [Ref. Vol.3 pp.400-401]]
057 * Kingsley Players [List with Oct. 1985 performance]
058 * Morris Dancing Discussion List : Souling [Posting by Howard Mitchell, Oct. 1997 - List of locations in Cheshire where Souling took place. No references]
059 * Wilmslow Guild Players [List with 1941 performance of W.Sandys (1833) Cornish Mummers' Play]

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