Inventory of the Alex Helm Collection
(Work in Progress)

This database is an inventory of about 3,700 records on British & Irish folk plays, Morris dancing and related traditions, collected by the late Alex Helm, and deposited in the Special Collections of University College London Library.

Microfilm copies of the collection are in the Archives of the National Centre for English Cultural Tradition (NATCECT) at the University of Sheffield and the Chris Metherell Collection.

A handlist was originally compiled in 1982 at the University of Sheffield by Ervin Beck (now Goshen College, Indiana) and Paul Smith (now Memorial University of Newfoundland). It was prepared from the poorly legible microfilm copy of the collection, which in particular did not reproduce Helm's red ink titles very well. Also, the technology of the day required data to be written out in capital letters on forms for keyboarding by card punch operators. Because of these factors, many entries contain typographical errors, queries and gaps. Some re-formatting was done in 1994 by Peter Millington, and he also converted it to this online database in 2000. (Vols.34 & 35 are not yet included.)

A nine page handlist has been compiled by ? for University College London Library. Another handlist was compiled in 19?? by Chris Metherell. (Vols.6-16 & 35 are not yet included.)

The Traditional Drama Research Group (TDRG) hopes to undertake a project to proof-read and correct the inventory.

Alex Helm 1920-1970

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