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Folk Plays - Winter 2005/2006

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Haslemere Mummers

Haslemere Mummers, The Mummers line up and wait for the clock to strike Twelve Haslemere Mummers, King George does for The Turkish Knight Haslemere Mummers, The Doctor prepares to cure The Turkish Knight as The King of Egypt looks on

Haslemere Mummers performing in Haslemere, Surrey, England on 17th December 2005

Minstead Mummers

Minstead Mummers, The Valiant Soldier Minstead Mummers, Saint George Minstead Mummers, Enter Johnny Jack (with his wife and family on his back)

Minstead Mummers in Minstead, Hampshire, England, on 17th December 2005

Croxley Mummers

Croxley Mummers, quot;Here comes I Old Father Christmas"  in Dickinson Square Croxley Mummers, The Dragon with "strong teeth and scurvy jaw" in full cry outside the Artichoke on Croxley Green Croxley Mummers, The Giant - Bold Turpin having detected the blood of an Englishman in full cry outside the Artichoke pub.

Croxley Mummers performing outside pubs in Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, England, 18th Dec.2005

Company of Owd Oss

Company of Owd Oss, Company of Owd oss perform at New White Bull Inn, Giltbrook, Notts, Boxing Day 2005 Company of Owd Oss, The Owd Oss, operated by Nick Betinis, makes its entrance at Queen Adelaide Inn, Swingate Company of Owd Oss, Nick Betinis, Owd Oss man, at Queen Adelaide Inn, Swingate

Company of Owd Oss in and around Kimberley, Nottinghamshire, England on the 22nd Dec.2005

Bowen Island Black Sheep Mummers

Bowen Island Black Sheep Mummers, Celebrating the end of our Mummer's season

Bowen Island Black Sheep Mummers, 23rd Dec.2005 who performed on board B.C. Ferry "Queen of Capilano" and in the Bowen Pub, Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada

Fylingdales Guizers

Fylingdales Guizers, Left to right: Scarborough Slasher, Kitty Fair, Quack Doctor, Blooming Youth, and St.George

Fylingdales Guizers performing on the 23rd Dec.2005 in the Fylingdales district, North Yorkshire, England

Crookham Mummers

Crookham Mummers, Bold Roamer leaps in the air while challenging King George Crookham Mummers, Trim Tram (Johnny Jack), fights Father Christmas Crookham Mummers, Team Photo; King George (Mike Dommett), Turkish Knight (Keith Wolley), Father Christmas (Jeff Brooks), Trim Tram (kneeling - Dan Collins), Bold Roamer (Tom Dommett), Bold Slasher (Tony Gower-Jones) & The Doctor (Nikki Dommett)

Crookham Mummers performing on Boxing Day 2005 in Crookham Village, Hampshire, England

Chiddingfold Tipteerers

Chiddingfold Tipteerers, Father Christmas in the Swan Inn Chiddingfold Tipteerers, Little Billy Wittell in the Swan Inn Chiddingfold Tipteerers, The Turkish Knight fights The Gallant Soldier in the Crown Hotel

Chiddingfold Tipteerers performing in Chiddingfold, Surrey, England on 27th December 2005

Farnborough Mummers

Farnborough Mummers, King George tries to trip The Doctor Farnborough Mummers, Back row (left to right) Doctor, Johnny Jack, Turkish Knight, Beelzebub, Bold Slasher, King George, Dragon, Collector. Front row: Father Christmas, Musician and King George's two helpers

Farnborough Mummers at The Weald and Downland Open-air Museum, Singleton, West Sussex, England on 29th December 2005

The Bankside Mummers /The Lions Part

Bankside Mummers /The Lions Part, King George Bankside Mummers /The Lions Part, Prudence Bankside Mummers /The Lions Part, The Turk and Jill Vinney

The Bankside Mummers /The Lions Part performing on the Thames South Bank in front of the Globe Theatre, 2nd January 2006

The Long Company

The Long Company, Within the ring of lanterns, Common Jack grieves for the slain St.George whose slayer, the Prince of Paradine, stands over him. The Long Company, Beelzebub and his evil eye. The Long Company, Disappearing back into the night in a whiff of smoke

The Long Company in the Ryburn Valley, West Yorkshire, England, 2nd-6th Jan.2006

Guildford Mummers

Guildford Mummers, Renewing the Three Chalk Crosses in The Angel Hotel Guildford Mummers, The Turkish Knight in The Three Pigeons Guildford Mummers, The Noble Doctor negotiates with Father Christmas in The Three Pigeons

The Guildford Mummers, performing in Guildford, Surrey, England on 6th January 2006

Belvoir Mummers

Belvoir Mummers, The Lady Bright and Gay (Steve Tunnicliff) approaches. Belvoir Mummers, The Doctor is interrogated by Tom Fool Belvoir Mummers, Tom Fool presents the Lady for her final song.

The Belvoir Mummers at The Rose & Crown, Hose, Leicestershire, England on the 9th Jan.2006

Sullivan's Sword

Sullivan's Sword, The Recruiting Sergeant (Chris Morris) pins a ribbon on the farmers Man (Brian Howes) Sullivan's Sword, The Cast

Sullivan's Sword at The Plough Inn, Radford, Nottingham, England, 9th Jan.2006

Tollerton Ploughboys

Tollerton Ploughboys, Left to right: Doctor, Lady Bright and Gay, Dame Jane, Horse, Nurse/Prompter and Recruiting Sergeant. Threshing Blade on the floor Tollerton Ploughboys, The final song

Tollerton Ploughboys performing outside a private house, Tollerton, Nottinghamshire, England on the 9th Jan.2006

Calverton Real Ale & Plough Play Preservation Society

Calverton Real Ale and Plough Play Preservation Society, Dame Jane (Tony Kirkham) with her baby (yes, it is a Smurf) Calverton Real Ale and Plough Play Preservation Society, Tom Fool interrogates the Doctor, while Dame Jane waits on the floor to be cured. Calverton Real Ale and Plough Play Preservation Society, The ever-photogenic Paul Prior as Beelzebub, greeted by the Ribboner (left) and Tom Fool

12th January 2006. Performing at The Bramley Apple, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England

Muskham Pinkies

Muskham Pinkies, The Doctor spies the fallen Tom Fool, while Threshing Blade looks on Muskham Pinkies, The Final Song

Muskham Pinkies of North Muskham performing on the 14th Jan.2006 at The Crown, Bathley, Nottinghamshire, England

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