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Folk Plays - Winter 2003/2004

Due to the large number of pictures that have been submitted for the Winter 2003/2004 folk play season, it has been necessary to split the collection onto two web pages - Christmas (December) 2003, and New Year / Plough Monday (January) 2004. Please select accordingly.

Christmas 2003
Marshfield Mummers, The Mummers process down the main street in Marshfield, led by the Town Crier This web page includes: Abingdon Mummers, Adsborough Mummers, Allington Morris, Bishopswood Mummers, Bowen Island Black Sheep Mummers, Chiddingfold Tipteerers, Christmas Revels (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA), Cold Ash Mummers, Foresters Morris Men, Herga Mummers, Hoxne Hundred Mummers, Marshfield Mummers, Moulton Mummers, Ryknild Rabble, St.Alban's Mummers, and Uttoxeter Guisers

New Year / Plough Monday 2004
Muskham Pinkies, The Final Song. Photo: Jacob Hinson This web page includes: Belvoir Mummers, Calverton Real Ale & Plough Play Preservation Society, Coleby Plough Jag, Lord Conyer's Morrismen, Muskham Pinkies, Sullivan's Sword, The Alderley Mummers Play, The Long Company, Tollerton Ploughboys, and Yateley Mummers

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