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Folk Plays - Winter 2000/2001

Duncan Broomhead and Steve Goodchild

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Horwich Mummers

Horwich Mummers, Lancashire, Group Photo Horwich Mummers, Lancashire, Singing?

Horwich Mummers, Lancashire, Christmas 2000

Tewkesbury Mummers

Tewkesbury Mummers, St.George despatching Bold Slasher Tewkesbury Mummers, Father Christmas telling Robin Hood that he's got a little bear behind Tewkesbury Mummers, The Doctor reviving the dragon, watched by Father Christmas Tewkesbury Mummers, The dragon dead on the ground, and a concerned Father Christmas

Tewkesbury Mummers photographed in December 2000 at the switching on of the Christmas lights

Uttoxeter Guisers

Uttoxeter Guisers, Staffordshire, Open the Door Uttoxeter Guisers, Staffordshire, Tod Williams playing the Doctor Uttoxeter Guisers, Staffordshire, Tod Williams in the car park outside the Elkes Biscuits Social Club

Uttoxeter Guisers, performing 24th December 2000 at Elkes Biscuits Social Club, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, England

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