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Cheshire Souling Plays 2002 - Swettenham Soulers

Duncan Broomhead

1st November 2002 at a farm in Swettenham, the home of the late Mathew Hollinshead from whom the custom was collected, now the home of his daughter and her husband.

Swettenham Soulers 2002, Group Photo
Group Photo
Left to Right: Groom, Horse, Old Sal, Jolly Jack Tar, musician, Lord Nelson, Old Toss Pot
Swettenham Soulers 2002, At the door
At the door
Left to Right: The back of Jolly Jack Tar, musician, Horse, Old Sal, Groom
Swettenham Soulers 2002, At the back door
At the back door with Mathew's daughter in background,
Left to Right: Jolly Jack Tar, Old Toss Pot, Lord Nelson, Horse, Groom, musician, Old Sal

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