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Folk Plays - January 2004 - Sullivan's Sword

Peter Millington

Sullivan's Sword of Nottingham perform the Farnsfield plough play at Morton, Nottinghamshire, England on the 11th January 2004

Sullivan's Sword, The Lady is cast off by the Farmer's Man
The Lady is cast off by the Farmer's Man
Left to Right: Sergeant, Tom Fool, Dancer, Farmer's Man, and Lady

Sullivan's Sword is a longsword dance group from Nottingham that also performs folk plays. Their play from Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire was garnered from the repertoire of the defunct Owd Oss Mummers, of which they were originally an offshoot. The group organises the day of Plough Sunday activities at Morton, near Southwell, attended by numerous folk dance groups and performers.

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