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Folk Plays - Winter 2001/2002 - St.Bees Traditional Mummers

Douglas Sim

St.Bees Mummers peforming on Christmas Eve 2001 at the Albert Hotel, St.Bees, Cumbria. England

St.Bees Traditional Mummers, Group Photo
Group Photo
Left to right: King of Egypt, Doctor, Alexander, Prince George, [straight], Sambo

Every year at Christmas-tide the St. Bees Mummers set forth around the village of St. Bees in West Cumbria, to perform their ancient play: "Alexander and the King of Egypt". It has been performed in the area since the 1700's, but died out in the 1920's. Revived in 1974 to raise money for the Royal National Lifeboat Institure (RNLI), and 600-plus performances later, it is still going strong. St. Bees Traditional Mummers can be seen 9-10.30 p.m. Dec 24th every year in St. Bees. Same place, same channel, same time.

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