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Folk Plays - Winter 2004/2005 - Hudson River Mummers

Valerie Masback

Hudson River Mummers of New York City performing at the Yulefest-Take Joy in Stratford, Connecticut, USA on the 8th Jan.2005

Hudson River Mummers, Fool (Henry Chapin)
Fool (Henry Chapin)
Hudson River Mummers, Doctor (Fred Matzner)
Doctor (Fred Matzner - actually a Doctor by trade!)
Hudson River Mummers, Hobby (Terry Joshi)
Hobby (Terry Joshi)

We went out on only one Saturday in mid-December 2004, "crashing" a party in Hastings-on-Hudson. Crashing in quotes because the host/hostess is always contacted to plan arrival time, etc., but they are urged not to tell guests. We have actually crashed this party for the last five years, and guests eagerly anticipate our arrival by this point. We were: Johnny Jack, Father Christmas, Fool, Old Bet, Dragon, Hobby, St George and Doctor. We have loosely used John Langstaff's "St George and the Dragon" text, the Urtext for the Langstaff Boston-based "Christmas Revels" going back to 1971. We all know the whole play, and can interchange roles easily, adapting the play to how many can go out on any particular night. We perform our own sword dance; some characters pick up a sword and, once St George is killed, resume our parts. Due to eveyone's over-booked 21st century lives we were only able to pull ourselves together before Christmas on that one day. However, the pictures are from "Yulefest-Take Joy" which took place in Stratford, Connecticut, at Christ Episcopal Church on January 8th, 2005.

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