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Folk Plays - Winter 2004/2005 - Doncaster Mummers

Sue Morley

Doncaster Mummers performing the Hooton Pagnell Plough Play on Sunday 9th January 2005 at Hooton Pagnell Hall.

Doncaster Mummers, "Alas! Alas! My chiefest son is slain"
"Alas! Alas! My chiefest son is slain". The Fool mourns the death of Bold Slasher
Left to right: Bold Slasher, Doctor, King of Egypt, Black Prince of Paladine (obscured), Fool & St.George
Doncaster Mummers, "Now the Prince of Paladine is dead"
"Now the Prince of Paladine is dead" St.George Declares victory
Left to right: Black Prince of Paladine, St.George, Doctor, King of Egypt, Bold Slasher, Fool, Hector & Beelzebub

The swords and maces used were previously last used by the Laughton en le Morthern Mummers in the 1880s, and were made circa 1820.

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