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Cheshire Souling Plays 2002

Duncan Broomhead

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Antrobus Soul-Cakers

Antrobus Soul-Cakers 2002, The Fight Antrobus Soul-Cakers 2002, The Lament Antrobus Soul-Cakers 2002, Derry Doubt

Outside the Holly Bush, Little Leigh, 31st October 2002

Jones's Ale Soul Cakers, Chester

Jones's Ale Soul Cakers 2002, St George fights Colonel Slasher Jones's Ale Soul Cakers 2002, The cure - Doctor stands over Colonel Slasher Jones's Ale Soul Cakers 2002, Group photo

Jones's Ale Soul Cakers, Chester, outside the Chester Visitor Centre, 31st October 2002, performing their version of the Alderley Mummers Play.

Comberbach Soulcakers

Comberbach Soulcakers 2002, The Cure Comberbach Soulcakers 2002, Horse and Driver Comberbach Soulcakers 2002, Dairy Dout

Performing at the Cock O'Budworth, Great Budworth, 31st October 2002

Halton Souling Play

Halton Soul Souling Play 2002, Group Photo Halton Soul Souling Play 2002, The Final Song Halton Soul Souling Play 2002, Horse

4th November 2002, at the Red Lion, Moore, Cheshire, England

Mobberley Soulers

Mobberley Soulers 2002, King George Mobberley Soulers 2002, Turkish Knight

2nd November 2002 at the Bulls Head, Mobberley, Cheshire, England

Styal, Souling Play

Styal Souling Play 2002, Souling play at Quarry Bank Mill 2002

At Quarry Bank Mill, Styal, a performance by staff from this National Trust Property. 26th October 2002.
The play was based on the Antrobus text with some additional words and an additional character, a dragon.

Swettenham Soulers

Swettenham Soulers 2002, Group Photo Swettenham Soulers 2002, At the door Swettenham Soulers 2002, At the back door

1st November 2002 at a farm in Swettenham, the home of the late Mathew Hollinshead from whom the custom was collected, now the home of his daughter and her husband.

Warburton Soulers

Warburton Soulers 2002, Beelzebub steals a pint Warburton Soulers 2002, Group Photo Warburton Soulers 2002, Cure

9th November 2002, Saracens Head, Warburton, Cheshire, England

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